Real Love Fest 2018 • May 26-28 • Crestone, Colorado

Jonathan Baer, Inge Jechart, Ramloti, Tami Strom, Claire Baer

For our 3rd Annual Real Love Fest we are bringing back 5 Real Love Coaches and Wise People! Last year’s experience was transformative and powerful for all attending.  This year it will again be a unique opportunity for you to explore what it feels like to live without fear, and how that can be a reality for you. You will have lots of individual time to receive the love from these folks who spend their lives sharing Real Love. They will also help us see the behaviors we have put in place over a lifetime, which block our ability to live life freely and to receive unconditional love.

Jonathan Baer
For over 20 years I have been sharing the message of unconditional love and helping people find it. I am one of three Certified Real Love Coaching Trainers in the world and have worked with people from many countries. I host conference calls, facilitate Real Love groups and teach workshops, but my passion is to work with families. I show parents what it looks like to “love-and-teach” their children by coming to their home and modeling it. Although my father wrote the books, that wasn’t until I was out of the house. My journey of discovery was like anyone else. Finding Real Love has helped me to eliminate the anger and disappointment in my life. I enjoy the peaceful feeling I so frequently have and the tools to get back there when I lose it. I look forward to sharing with you some of the things I’ve learned.

Inge Jechart
I have been practicing Real Love for about 15 years and became certified as a coach in 2011. Learning how to be more loving (including learning how to say “no”), and how to be myself, has been an incredibly fulfilling journey. My sons will tell you that their relationship with me is much different now than it was ten years ago – kinder, calmer and more fun. I enjoy bringing the very practically oriented Real Love principles to the community. Having met many of you last summer, I can’t wait to see what you have been up to and continue our Real Love journey together!


Ramloti Deborah Wood
After receiving the book “Real Love” from a friend 2 years back, I began to read it. Normally, I am not quick to delve into new modalities, this one spoke to me on a very deep level, so I plunged in and began to feel more connected and quieter inside than I ever remember. I started working with a Real Love coach. I began facilitating a Real Love group 5 months later, have attended several retreats, had an intervention with Greg Baer, teach Real Love and Parenting, and get on conference calls as often as possible. I love the peace and joy I feel in my life despite a busy work schedule and love to share this with others.

Tami Strom
After 45 years of just surviving this life, being the angry, frightened victim, and punishing everyone around me for the love I didn’t get as a kid, Real Love found me. Real Love has helped me begin to heal all the wounds that made me think I had a right to be angry, and that someone owed me something.. With the peace that I feel now I get to make lots of mistakes and learn, all while knowing that I’m loved and never alone. Real Love has had a positive impact on every aspect of my life, and I feel very blessed that I get to share it.

Claire Baer
I have actively been practicing Real Love since 2011. In 2012 I started to facilitate a Real Love group that met weekly in Paris and have taken Real Love calls as a wise person since that time. Real Love literally turned my world upside down. I went from a quiet, frightened, people pleasing yet stressed out achiever to a confident, peaceful woman able to truly feel comfortable being myself around others and even give talks in front of a large group – both things I’d never dreamed would ever be possible for me. I now regularly enjoy a level of peace that I’d never experienced before. I know that I never have to feel alone or misunderstood again and that I really do get to be less than perfect (who knew?!) and actually make mistakes without being overcome with shame. I love to share that peace I have found and the deep understanding I now have of my own worth with others, and I look forward to helping you truly feel how precious you are and taste the joy and peace that is waiting for you.


Workshop Info

Date/Time:  May 26, 27 and 28 – each day 9am to 1pm

Location:  Crestone Charter School
303 E. Lime Ave, Crestone, CO 81131

Cost of the 3-day workshop:  $198.00
Some partial scholarships are available in advance.
PAY HERE (by credit card or PayPal)
or send a check to Deborah Wood at P.O. Box 9, Crestone, CO 81131.

After paying please register and sign disclaimer by clicking here.

Complimentary 15-minute private sessions are available in the afternoons. Paid 1-hour sessions are available as well.

We ask each participant to at least read the basic information on the website at www.reallove.com.  If you prefer video, check out Greg’s Top Ten.  For the most in depth experience, read the basic book “Real Love” by Greg Baer, M.D.  A great shorthand guide to the Real Love principles is available here.

Attendance is limited to 48 participants; registering soon will guarantee you space in the workshop.

You will find a variety of accommodations in Crestone (check www.airbnb.com).  A few 3 bedroom, 3 bath townhouses are available at $175 per night (sleeps up to 6 people) at 719-256-4243.

Our FaceBook Events page will allow you to communicate with others who are interested about accommodations and travel.


For questions or more information contact Ramloti at 719-480-5514 or Inge Jechart at 925-963-6439 (inge@pacificreallove.com).